Exploring Milton Keynes with your baby: must-see baby-friendly attractions

Apr 20, 2024

Milton Keynes, with its unique blend of city and country landscapes, offers plenty of baby-friendly attractions that are perfect for young families looking to explore. Here are some must-see spots in Milton Keynes where you can have a wonderful time with your baby:

1. Willen Lake

One of the largest parks in Milton Keynes, Willen Lake is ideal for families. It offers pleasant walking paths that are easy to navigate with a stroller. The park also features ample green spaces for picnics and playgrounds that are suitable for older siblings. The tranquil environment is perfect for a leisurely day out with a baby.

2. Gulliver’s Land

Although more suitable for toddlers and older children, Gulliver’s Land has areas that are enjoyable for infants as well, especially the quieter corners and gentler rides designed for young visitors. The park is designed to be family-friendly, with plenty of facilities including baby changing rooms.

3. Bletchley Park

For a slice of history, visit Bletchley Park, the famous World War II codebreaking centre. It’s not only educational but also offers a baby-friendly atmosphere with easy access for strollers, peaceful grounds for walking, and quiet spots for feeding. They also provide family-friendly events throughout the year that can be enjoyed by all ages.

4. Milton Keynes Museum

This interactive museum is great for visitors of all ages. Young families will appreciate the Post Office and Victorian schoolroom exhibits, where children can engage in imaginative play. The museum grounds are stroller-friendly, making it easy to explore with a baby.

5. The National Bowl

While this venue is best known for hosting concerts and large events, it’s also a great spot for casual daytime outings when not being used for major events. The wide-open spaces are ideal for strollers, and there are often smaller-scale events that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

6. Milton Keynes Theatre

Check out the program at Milton Keynes Theatre for family-friendly performances. Many shows are suitable for children of all ages, including babies, especially the relaxed performances which are designed to welcome people who will benefit from a more relaxed environment.

7. Emberton Country Park

This lovely park offers 200 acres of parkland with accessible paths perfect for strollers. It’s a wonderful place to introduce your baby to nature. There are also plenty of picnic areas and a playground for more family fun.

8. Snozone

For something a bit different, visit Snozone inside Xscape, where you can introduce your older kids to skiing while you enjoy the cafe with your baby. The venue is equipped with good facilities for families, including baby changing rooms.

Practical Tips for Outings:

  • Facilities: Always check if the venues have baby-friendly facilities such as changing rooms and places for feeding.
  • Timing: Plan visits during less busy times if possible to avoid crowds.
  • Preparation: Bring all baby essentials such as diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, snacks, and milk/formula.

These attractions in Milton Keynes offer a range of activities that cater to families with babies, making them perfect for a day out exploring new sights and experiences together.


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