5 Best Tips for a Successful Cake Smash Photography Session

Apr 17, 2024

Hooray for your little one’s first lap around the sun! If you’re near Milton Keynes and that big milestone birthday is just ’round the corner, chances are you’re mulling over ways to freeze-frame these precious moments. Why not a cake smash photography session? It’s more than snapping cute pics – it’s creating memories! Now, where should we kick this off? The scene sets the whole vibe; it has to be spot on for both your munchkin and those all-important shots. Ever thought about taking advantage of Campbell Park in our lovely Milton Keynes? Imagine endless stretches of greenery setting up a flawless stage—either bursting with colour or whispering peace—it’s entirely up to us! Visualise it: your bubba there amidst nature, tiny toes in soft grass while chuckles dance through the air against an epic skyline backdrop. Or fancy something even more peaceful like Willen Lake perhaps? Here serene waters meet feathered friends—and let me tell you, nothing beats capturing genuine giggles as ducks waddle by.

1. Plan the Theme and Setup in Advance

  • Select a Theme: Choose a theme that resonates with the child or matches the décor of their upcoming birthday party. Popular themes include fairy tales, animals, balloons, and simple color schemes.
  • Coordinate Decorations and Props: Ensure your backdrop, cake, and the child’s outfit harmoniously blend with the chosen theme. Use props and decorations like balloons, banners, and colorful toys to enhance the visual appeal and engage the child.

2. Choose the Right Cake

  • Soft and Squishy: Opt for a cake that’s soft and easy to smash, preferably with whipped cream or buttercream icing that spreads easily. This makes it easier for the child to interact with the cake.
  • Avoid Allergens and Hard Objects: Ensure the cake does not contain any potential allergens specific to the child. Also, avoid decorations that are hard or could pose a choking hazard, like fondant figures or large sprinkles.

3. Prepare for Mess

  • Protective Backdrops: Use a washable or disposable backdrop that makes cleaning up easier. Vinyl or thick paper can work well.
  • Floor Coverings: Lay down a protective sheet or disposable tablecloth under the cake area to catch most of the mess.
  • Have Cleaning Supplies Ready: Keep wet wipes, towels, and a change of clothes handy for quick cleanup during and after the session.

4. Keep the Child Comfortable and Engaged

  • Acclimate the Child: Allow the child to get comfortable with the surroundings, the photographer, and the camera before introducing the cake. This can reduce shyness or reluctance when it’s time to smash the cake.
  • Capture Natural Reactions: Encourage the child to play, explore, and enjoy the cake without forcing them to interact with it. Natural expressions and actions lead to better photos.

5. Timing and Patience

  • Best Time of Day: Schedule the session when the child is typically most alert and happy, considering their nap and feeding times. Mid-morning is often ideal.
  • Be Patient: Some children may dive right into the cake, while others might be hesitant. Give them time to get curious about the cake. Patience is key in capturing those perfect, joyful moments.

By incorporating these tips, your cake smash photography session can be a smoothly run, joyful experience that results in delightful photos to cherish for years.


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